04 April 2013

I have something embarrassing to talk about

No, it doesn't involve food.

I had a daydream about Robert Pattinson. A DAYDREAM. Meaning I was awake the whole time. Facepalm (I am very serious about making that my word). 

It wasn't as you might think it would be. 

I had just read an interview with one of the actors in The Host movie that just came out last weekend. He was being asked if he had received any crazy attention in the same manner that Robert had for Twilight. He hadn't. 

Then I started doing dishes. (Is there a phenomenon going on at anyone else's house involving dirty dishes ALWAYS being in the sink? I swear I wash them six time a day.)

Then I started thinking about Robert Pattinson running from a mob of screaming girls in Paris. Poor dude. I would never chase him. I mean, he has great hair, but thats about it. Girls are fa-reaks sometimes. 

Too bad I didn't live in Paris. Then he could have spotted me, a woman with a baby should be safe, in a market or cafe, and seen that I didn't react to his presence at all. Then he probably would have come and asked me to hide him for a few hours. I would have looked at him with a face of pity, and said okay.

While he hid in my apartment letting the mob search and dissipate, he would have perused the family pictures on our walls while we talked about my awesome husband, and how being married to someone you really love is the best. Then we would have talked about how Ches is a helicopter pilot, and don't you know, Rob needs a private pilot, and would love to give him a job. He would even give him a starting bonus large enough to pay of the large amount of student debt it took to get that license. There is also a small role in movie that he is involved in that the casting department has been stumped with, I might be perfect.

Then I realize I am day dreaming about Robert Pattinson and I stop immediately.


Liz said...

Disturbing. Really really disturbing.

Michelle and Jason said...

Bah ha! This makes me giggle! Quite embarrassing indeed. Don't worry though, I still love you.

Mindy Canova said...

You forgot one key element of your daydream- that part when you share the gospel with him- and he of course accepts. Remember that part?

My favorite part of this post?- it reminds me of myself. Not that I would actually daydream with Robert Patterson (don't actually know who he is),but nonetheless, my daydreams have many similar elements. We must be related or something.