17 April 2013


Facepalms - 

I was taking a walk some days ago, and it had just been raining. I kept hearing what I THOUGHT was a water droplet fly off my shoe and drop into a puddle....until I realized I was walking on dry asphalt. No puddles within kicking range. I was very puzzled, so I continued to walk slowly. The sound turned out to be my corduroy clad thighs rubbing musically together. zip zip zip.

Maverik spit up just a little dime sized bit on the carpet. Before I had time to even consciously think about going to the next room to get a cloth or a burp rag I found myself rubbing it out with my sock, while it was on my foot. Groooooss.

I didn't buy any oreos at the store yesterday, and they were on sale for 2 for $5, and I DIDN'T GET ANY. 

Fistpumps - 

The last afternoon my in-laws were here, I was puzzled as to what to make for our meal. The last think on our meal list was Navajo taco's, so I started throwing it together. It turned out to be my mother-in-law's favorite meal. Yesssss.

....my facepalms are outnumbering their counter part these days. 

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