22 April 2013

My Weekend Lessons

Minnesota weather is worse than Cache Valley. I never thought it possible. I hadn't completely decided until my one mile trip down the road an hour ago (weather gods, it is April 22. I am reminding you in case you had forgotten because you are too busy basking sunshine upon people in Phoenix and Atlanta) prompted the snow to start falling.

When you have people over for games and hearty laughter, you should probably have a veggie tray, or a juice cleanse available for everyone to wash out all of the sugary treats that they will bring along. Don't discourage them from bringing it all though because it means you will have goodies in the house for a few precious days.

The blue flavor in the rainbow twizlers is the best.

When snot pools up in a babies nostrils over night, it can turn into a forresty green air stopper. The babies don't like it when you remove it with the looped side of a bobby pin. They also don't like it when you pull the crust from their eyelashes even though you are telling them it will allow them to see. Don't worry, we've been to the doctor today. 

Speaking of the doctor, Doctor Who really never gets old. I must have re-watched some of the episodes five times, and I would watch them again. I walk around saying things like," Fez's are cool. It's completely SONIC!", and " Watch it SPACEMAN". I have not yet fallen to the level of buying my child plushy Daleks. We will focus on the positive.

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Ash said...

So maybe not a Dalek plushie, but what about this?!