09 January 2013


Ten days in Minnesota

Ten  home-cooked dinners (go me!)

Ten homesickness bouts/Ten times getting over it

Ten times of opening the blinds in the morning

Ten times closing them at night

Way more than Ten times of doing dishes

Ten journal entries

Ten times tossing toys in the toy basket

Ten Skype calls

Ten times telling myself that maybe tomorrow it will seem more...natural

On another note, I've got this on my hands.

Those two little teeth have made him quite a carnivore.  He's got the face for it.

RIP little Fisher Price politically correct pilot.  He devoured you with much ferocity.


Heather said...

Well, my husband is jealous! He's from Anoka, Minnesota. He would just love for us to move there and stay forever.

It will get better. Hope you stay warm :)

Liz said...

You haven't skyped me....