23 January 2013

Bedtime Conversations: An iffy topic

Disclaimer: You really might not want to know this. 

Ches: Don't you hate it when you sit on the toilet so long that you get that ring on your bum? I mean, sometimes you just get distracted with what you are reading, and when you finally get up your are practically sealed down.

Me: Um. That is weird. 

Ches: That happened to me one time at elk camp, which was even worse because we just have a seat that we put over a hole, and the flies crawl on you.

Me: On your bum?

Ches: Yes. It kind of feels like this...(he tries to tickle my behind. I don't like being tickled.He got smacked.)

Me: You are WEIRD, but I like you.


Katie Mickelson said...

This made me giggle :).

Mr.Mrs.Pack. said...

Oh my goodness lol!! My husband, Bryant has lovely discussions like that with me too! I thought I was the only one hahah