24 January 2013

Confessions to myself

I am not a person of restraint.

For that reason it is probably a tremendously good thing I grew up in a conservative environment that discouraged drinking, drugs, and other frivolous activities. I love frivolity. 

When I travel, I want to be gone for a couple of weeks, and stop everywhere, and buy everything. None of this "we see only what we came to see" nonsense.

When I make a batch of cookies I want to eat them all. Fairly immediately.

When I find a Television show I really enjoy, I want to watch it all. Even if that means a week strait of almost no other activities. 

And yet, my sense of timidity can overpower me sometimes.

I have habit of assuming people are above me, and am easily intimidated. Hence the fact that I have never been good at mingling with strangers.

I don't like calling the bank. Bank people are scary.

I am often afraid to be myself for fear that people will think I am "weird", or unappealing. This means I am also guilty of acting how I think people would like me to be, rather than I how I would naturally choose to be. 

Here is to being whoever and however I am, embracing those who take me, and not worrying a tittle about those who might not.  


sarah@jolleydays said...

Oh my word Karlie Jean, you just described me almost to a T. Seriously. Wish we would have known each other longer before we both moved away from Logan. We totally would have become BFF's. You're awesome - and what you should do is spend a whole week watching a TV series and eating cookies you made.

Andrea & Parker said...

Karlie Jean, you are positively adorable! I haven't talked with you in a while (tear), but you are still the cutest person I know! Seriously. The cutest.

Carrie Miller said...

Remember, all you had to do was wear a red flower in your hair to make me think, "This girl must be totally awesome, I want to be friends with her!" You are great and anyone who has met you AND seen you act like YOU has loved you...so shove Ms. Doubty-pants in the closet and be yourself.

Carrie Miller said...

By the way, we totally need to take a trip together cuz we would be awesome travel buddies!!

steve said...

I am offended I have worked at a bank for almost 3 years! Now I know why you never call me.
p.s. I liked this post and can see a lot of myself in it. Thanks