31 December 2012

Randomly Unrelated

I officially live in Minnesota now. The only times I have been farther from home than this are the two times I went to New York. I've got a good six months to make Utah seem way more heaven-like than I thought it was while I lived there.

I try to like Reese's every year when I get them in my stocking, but I still. don't. like them.  I don't think they are disgusting, but they just aren't amazing. My mouth must be broken.

If you gave me baby clothes, I love you. 

I don't understand how anyone could hate Chitty-chitty bang bang. It is the first movie I put in to distract Mav so I could go take care of some things around the house. (I usually try to get him to play, or take him to the other room when the television is on because I want an active child, but I REALLY needed to brush my hair.) 

Nail polish stays on your big toe far longer than any other nail. I am glad my cousin Kayla go married on September 8, so I could still have a nice hot pink shade on mine. 

I was nursing Mav today (sorry if this is TMI) and I had the blinds open to the great big windows in our apartment. Apparently a handy guy had to fix something right in front of our windows. It is good that I have learned the art of stealth. 

I probably won't close the blinds in the future, so don't walk by unless you text me first.

I get to hang things on my bare apartment walls today. I enjoy making things look pretty.

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