18 December 2012

Don't tell my children or my students, but I break rules

I break the "never stay in the same clothes for more than 24 hour rule. Sometimes you wake up, and that white Hanes V'neck looks just as pristine when it did when you put it on last night. Can't justify putting it in the Laundry yet. Besides, if I wear it today, I will have four left to stretch through out the rest of the week. Love 5-packs.

I sometimes daily break the rule that says don't eat after 5 or 6 in the evening. What better time is there to enjoy a scrumptious something than at 10 o'clock when the baby is sleeping and you are secretly watching America's Next Top Model? (You clearly keep the remote in your hand so you can act like you are just flipping through channels when someone else may walk in.) 

I break the rule that says you should comfort your baby every time they start crying.

I break the rule that says you should let your baby to cry themselves to sleep. I am somewhere between the previous rule and this rule. 

Sidenote: Who writes baby rules? Because they are ALL over the place. 

I TOTALLY break the rule that says girls with big hips should not wear skinny jeans. I wear them and I love them and I feel amazing in them. 

I am trying to break the rule about all women having blatant insecurities, but am still working on it. I will get there by golly. 

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