30 November 2012


Chesley and I were married three years ago on the 27th.
Crazy eh? 
I thought I had no idea what I was doing. Pffff.
Now I REALLY have no idea what I am doing.
But we are having the time of our lives doing whatever it is that we are doing.

Ches flew back to Minnesota the day before our anniversary.
I thought about whining about it, but realized it could be so much worse.
So, fiddlesticks and phooey on whining.

Yesterday was my parents 27th anniversary.
I knew what kind of marriage I wanted to have 
by the way they have always treated each other.
I wanted to marry someone just like my daddy.
  I pretty much got my wish.

Look at those love birds.
Mom was 19 in this picture.
Dad was coming in as a creepster at 24.
I'm glad he did.

This was their announcement picture.
They had this taken,
and then dad decided to do a sketch instead.
Don't you think he could be the genetic combination
Bill Nye and Bob Saget?

They manage to still really like each other.
Even will all of us crazies around. 

And, although he is now more often compared to Tom Arnold
than he would wish, he is as handsome as ever.
I think mom is even more gorgeous than she was at 19,
and even though we drive her crazy, she just smiles and loves us anyway.

Families are kind of a big deal.
I am glad I will have these guys around for kind of a long time.

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Jamie said...

How are you so great? After reading this I realize I need to whine much less!