12 December 2009

Cliche = Truth= Best Day of My Life

Luckily our photographers made us appear highly attractive....

Because although we are genuinely happy....

We are also genuinely special....

and highly awesome.

This is just a SA-WEET picture.

Chuck Taylor = Best Man

My dress made me a babe, and well....he was my James Bond even before the bow tie.


Do you think anyone will notice if I casually stick my finger up your nose?

wind + lip gloss = hair stuck to mouth

I got your back babe

Now I got your back so much that my face is on it

My flowers smell looooovelyyyy, as well as look incredible

This is our most graceful dip-kiss yet. Yesssssssss.

He makes me laugh. I love it. Life is good.

Okay. Let's be honest. He is so attractive that it hurts. You know it does. I need an aspirin too.

"Goooood day Sunshine!"

We've got a long, wonderful way to go.
Not a bad view either. Wink.


Hannah said...

I don't feel that this post is cliche because of your commentary. I LOOOOOVE all the pics! I want to see the rest soon!

Michelle and Jason said...

LOVE the dip kiss! Pretty much the best one I have seen EVER!

The Grish's said...

oh my heck GORGEOUS!!! i can totally tell which girl is Jen because of those cute pigeon toes :)

kymthemom said...

Love the pics! Especially the dip kiss and the one with your chucks! ;)

Brooke said...

Yeah an update! Rockin' couple. . .that's all I have to say!

dallin and sarah said...

I just discovered your blog. i love it. we almost had the same wedding dress. you were stunning my dear. i will now begin blog stalking you.