02 January 2010

My Vast Experience Has So Far Concluded...

1. Sleeping in someone's arms feels oober nice and secure, but the actual sleeping part becomes more difficult with someone latched to you.

2. In consideration of #1, I'd rather sleep less than not be latched on to.

3. I think I can just deal with the toilet seat being left up.

4. Tithing = very very very very huge blessing

5. Splitting time between families is hard. You either get all time with one, and none with the other, or not enough with both.

6. I find myself counting down hours then minutes to when he gets off work, and sometimes I sleep to make it go faster.

7. Because of work, I see my husband a lot less than I saw my boyfriend , but I like to think that the time spent means more and more.

8. Although not being able to drive my own car bites, it is REALLY nice that he drives everywhere.

9. You don't have to be the lame disappearing married couple. Single people can still be good friends!

10. Sometime I've really got to learn to be less concerned about myself.

11. It IS possible to act like newlyweds you're entire life. An old man told me so.

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