25 March 2013

Once Upon a Weekend

Ches and I played the name game for about an hour. This is where you say the name of a famous person, i.e. Abraham Lincoln, and the next person has to answer it with another person whose first name starts with the same letter as the previous person's last name. i.e. Laura Ingalls. (I had to mightily defend Ms. Ingalls as a realy famous person) We ended with Krsiti Yamaguchi. I could only think of the name Yvonne, but no one famous to attach to it....google has prepared me for our next match. 

I wanted to start crying 15 minutes into my primary class with the five year olds. They were EVERYWHERE! I really do love children, but I do best with numbers fewer than three, and ages below twelve months. I said many silent prayers for patience, and was grateful for the tub of plato. Good thing those kids were fascinated with florescent orange tortillas and cookies....which TOTALLY had something to do with the lesson on baptism... Give me 36 teenagers anyday.

I noticed we were getting low on food, but became determined to make it until next saturday before we hit the grocery store. I apologized to Chesley in advance for the upcoming slam of pb&j and ramen heavy meals. Its only Monday and I have already made several laps around the apartment waiting for different and more food to appear magically. 

*Tuesday update. Enchiladas took a toll on our cheese supply. I just ate a bean burrito with NO CHEESE because I am trying to conserve it for the grilled cheese I have in mind for later in the week. 

Spent most of one day finishing The Paris Wife. It sucked me in, and made me very sad. The life that is portrayed in that time period and that mind set is a life I would not have been fit for. I am proud to be old too fashioned for the free way they seemed to live. If you like being sad, I highly recommend it. It is written in a lovely way. 

Went on our first explorational drive. The houses here are old and so NEAT! There are two houses that I would buy and live in for the rest of my life despite the fact they are in Minnesota. I only got a picture of one of them, and it doesn't even begin to portray its really loveliness.


Ash said...

I only have one thing to say about you living in Minnesota forever. Don't you dare!

Wes and Dani said...

Those look like the houses in Madison. They really are so cool! It was the saddest part about the fact that we wouldn't be living there forever.