29 March 2013

But seriously

Does it keep going this fast?

I can't keep track of the little things Maverik picks up everyday, and I have been very awful at recording things.

I know that talking about how fast your children grow is a complete cliché, but for a mother with her own, she can't help but exclaim about it. It isnt as big of a deal when another woman's kids grow. For her own it is new and feels like getting slapped or hitting your funny bone over and over.

In the three months we have been in Minnesota, Mav has gone from an infant to trying desperately to be a toddler. He is still a baby, but not for much longer.

He crawls and climbs and walks along and eats real food and takes your face in his hands and throws fits and bites everything. He loves to read books. His specialty is turning the pages.

I am afraid I am going to wake up one morning and I will be that embarrassing mom that wants a hug and a kiss as I drop him off at school.

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