24 February 2015

Hit the road Jack....Frost, and don't you come back no more

 (no more no more no more)

Its time.

I know this happens every year. Winter, that is. And, every year everyone gets tired of winter, and starts to complaaaain, and loudly long for warmer weather. So, for the sake of tradition that is what we are doing around here.

How do I know its time? Beside the fact that Sunday is March?

I know its time for spring because the four pair of boots that I rotate through all winter are looking much less appealing than all of my flats, sandals, and slip ons that are sitting sadly in my closet. I have a serious love affair with boots. Boots, you will always be my favorite of all footwear, but we need some time apart.

I know its time for spring because work out videos are getting more and more difficult to put in that DVD player. I just want to go outside and walk or (gasp) jog! I've been staring into the eyes of Jillian Michaels for far too long.

I know its time for spring because I have a baby who has never been outside longer than a trip from building to vehicle and back again. I'd love to introduce you. She's a doll.

I know its time for spring because I'd appreciate having my shorts and cropped pants as an excuse to shave at least my lower legs more than occasionally.

Winter, you've been tolerable, even pleasant in spurts, but why don't you just find your way on over to the other side of the planet for the next 8 months or so. Mmmmmkay?

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