21 May 2013

Still haven't tried cheese on toast

But I do love this song.

I love that it is a breakup song that isn't bitter or all about putting on a tough facade while you implode inwardly. or being so mad that you vandalize your ex's apartment or car so badly that you could be arrested for it, but are obviously totally justified. Whyyyyy? 

Love songs and break up song are on one end or the other. I am so in love with you after meeting you an hour ago that I am taking you home with me tonight, or we just had a bitter break up after dating for two weeks, and I am never going to have any meaning in my life eveeeeeeeeeeer!

There isn't much out there that talks about love or heartbreak in a realistic way that can help people deal with in real life. I love what this song says. I liked you. I know you liked me. You dont' anymore, but I learned some cool stuff from you, and I am going to be okay. 

I dealt with all of my breakups in this very composed manner (no I didn't). I am sure glad I never have to experience a break up again, but this song has still made it on to our morningly dance play list.

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