16 May 2013


Fist Pumps

I had an appointment in the next town over today. I got home without using my GPS. This is a particularly significant accomplishment for me considering I had to use GPS to get to my grandmother's house even after being there about 43 times.

We got M a new car seat, and it is chevron. I didn't even get to pick the pattern myself, so I was very delighted to see that it was more than acceptable to look upon.

A friend and I walked for about an hour and a half this morning. There were some hills even. The best part was being in good company with good conversation. It made the time spent seem not even half that long. Legs were feeling done by the end, but I would do it again tomorrow.

Face Palms

That drive that I did without my GPS....only has two turns involved. But hey, it was still about 20 miles of unfamiliar road traversed.

While I installed aforementioned attractive car seat, I put Mav in the front on the passenger side floor, so he could play with the radio dials and such. Installing a car seat is a very engrossing business. Two or three minutes elapsed and I realized I hadn't looked up to check on M. I managed to catch him just as his head was colliding with the asphalt. He had climbed over the middle console, and out the driver-side door. All was well. He was rescued the exact second before there would have been injury.

Before leaving for my walk I had the (obviously inspired) thought to put on basketball shorts and my tennis shoes. I ignored it, and put on some jeans and reg-lur shoes.  It has been duly noted that jeans do not breath as well as bb-shorts, no matter how happy you are to be wearing them.

and...its thursday, so Mav and I have been throwin' it back to when photobooth was the only cool way to take photos.

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