25 February 2013

I will never be able to express this very eloquently

In the last year or so I have seen an over abundance of articles and videos talking about the controversy surrounding homosexuality in today's society.

I am not sure why, but today I haven't been able to shake the feeling that I need to get my opinion out there. This is the only place that I know how to do that. 

Do I believe that homosexuality is against the laws of God. Yes, I do.

And that is where my negativity toward it stops. It seems our society is split down the middle dividing the people who think it is wrong, and people who are fighting for it to be accepted. That is to be expected. At this point, it is unlikely that either side will ever completely convince the other.

What saddens me is all of the hate. I have gay friends that I absolutely adore, and love to be around. They do not make me uncomfortable in any way. 

If I had a voice that anyone cared to hear(I will pretend that I am Jennifer Lawrence for a minute because everyone seems to be listening to her), I would say this:

"You have the opinion being gay is right, or you have the opinion being gay is wrong. That is that. What you need to remember when you are interacting with the person of the opposite opinion is everything else about them! Sexuality is not the sum definition of a human being. We are complex and layered and marvelous." 

You find out someone you love is Gay. If you believe it is wrong, it can be an unimaginably difficult thing to cope with. But, you need to remember how their favorite book is Moby Dick, they can win a cheese tasting contest with their eyes closed, they give the best hugs on the planet, and that one time they watched a movie with you that they hate because you had a rough day, and you got to pick.  I would bet that none of that was driven by their sexuality. It was driven by their heart, their sense of humor, or their passion.

Before you knew they were gay you most likely didn't take their intimate life as a prompt of how to treat or interact with them. If you have questions about it, and you are close to them, figure out a way to talk about it on neutral ground, but understand that if you want them to listen to your concerns, you have to listen to them as well. If you are not close to them, focus on all of the other things about them that you can connect with, and don't make sexuality a point for discomfort, hate, or contention.

This Mormon white girl is pleading, don't be hatin'


Chess said...

You are lovely. This is lovely. I have always felt the exact same way.

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