19 June 2012

Jaunting: A Past Passtime

This child has grown to quite a tremendous size, and I have become THAT pregnant lady that hobbles around cleaning up messes and starting crafty projects in order to concentrate on something other than the fact that he is still in there.

Better out than in my dad always said (I think a lot of people always said that), and I have never agreed with him more on anything. Ever. I know his flavor of philosophy bends this time-old saying toward flatulence and belching, but I have adopted it for my own purposes.

Point: I haven't been able to do my walks very well in the last week or so. I am just a little too big, and can't walk quite far enough to make it worth taking my camera. So for the sake of proving I actually have done it, and that I hope to do it again while schlepping a Lewis-y baby around, here are just a few more walking pictures.

I hope you don't care for captions because I don't care much for writing them. I just like pretty/neat/aesthetically pleasing things.

Aren't you just ecstatic for the day I will have my offspring awkwardly propped against public objects in order to give my photographs more visual interest?!

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