16 May 2012

Dress Code

I was subbing, and I knew that I would not have constant access to the toilet, so I decided to go before class started even though I was not yet feeling that urge.

I miss having a key because without it I have to use the student bathrooms instead of the staff bathrooms. It is always a little bit awkward tinkling next to a student. They aren't supposed to know that teachers have bodily functions. We are supposed to be non-human, and practically invincible.

I let it slide because this time I'm just the sub.

There are two girls leaning against the sinks talking quietly to each other. I have always wondered at the fact that kids would rather sit in a hard, tiled room for an hour, than sit in an inviting classroom and at least try to learn something. Silly Kids.

I walk in with my pregnant belly preceding me.

"You're so cute!" one of them says. I thank her, and slip into the stall. I do the deed. I come out to wash my hands.

"Can I touch your belly?" The other girl asks while touching it even though I had given no reply.

"Are you a senior?" The first girl says. Sigh. I knew the fact that I don't fit into my slacks and other professional attire would eventually bite me somehow.

"Actually I'm a teacher."

They immediately seem less enthusiastic about asking me questions. I immediately become saddened that theses two 16 or 17 year old girls think it would be glamorous to be 34 weeks pregnant while being a senior in high school.

Who is teaching our young people?! Who is neglecting to let them know that there is an order to life that does not include children until you are in a committed and permanent relationship with someone you will be with for the rest of your life?

These beautiful girls have no idea, and it breaks my heart.

Who is teaching our kids?

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sarah said...

I wonder that all the time, who is teaching our kids? sometimes the things I hear teenagers say and do scares me to death. But, there are also wonderful teenagers that are wise beyond their years as well! Let's hope they become friends with the ones that think it's cool to be pregnant and a senior and help them see the light :)