08 September 2011

Things I wish I was half of: A List

Elvish: I don't want to be full Elf, because who really wants to live forever.  I just want to look super young always. Also, their ears are the greatest.

Antelope: I don't think I've ever posted about my inability to run, let alone do it in a graceful fashion.

Narnian:  Don't you wish you know what that horse was saying right before you got booted off?

Genius: Not full, because sometimes a lot they turn out awkardish.  I only want to be award enough to keep superficial people away.

Horse: Because centaurs are cool.

Actress: Then I could be in Dr. Who and pretend it is super real without getting all caught up in that yucky fame nonsense. Also, I nominate myself for leading lady in the next (G-rated) James Bond movie)

Mad: You see so many things you wouldn't see otherwise

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