09 June 2011

Secret Pockets

I haven't posted in a while.

Bashful face.


Here are the treasures that were in my (new) purse after my magical trip to New York City.

1. My wallet, which I could do a post about all in itself because I love it so much. Isn't it preeeety?

2. Super Mario themed candy tins. Sadly they are no longer in my possession.

3. The Book of Mormon. My days just don't go quite right if I don't have my nose in there for at least a few minutes, so I take in everywhere with me.

4. The Ipod. Word.

5. I have this with me at all times. The Sonic Screwdriver. If you don't know....shame, shame on you.

6. The program for WICKED!!!! I smiled like my mouth was stuck that way. Happy. That's what I was.

7. The New York Yankees pen that I was given and instructed (with slow and carefully articulated words) to only use myself. I think it might implode and create a black whole if I let anyone else use it.

8. That little man got me to the top of the empire state building. It was two things. Beautiful and chilly.

9. Related to the little man above, but different. There is a skyride on the second floor of the empire state building, and this was my ticket. I was touched by many asians. They pushed. I pushed back.

10. The menus to a Macaroni and Cheese (S'mac) place, and a Burger and Cupcake shop (BuCu). Who could not leave pleased? And yes.....the trip was 50% about the food.

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Elk Horn Specialties said...

I would say the food was more 65%! Loved the trip!!!!