12 June 2011

Fine Features of Our Finite Flat

Alliteration. Sigh. So satisfying.

Our lives are now contained within four cinder block walls.  They are squished, but they feel like home now.  I shall share them with you.

Wall #1 The West Wall...
Tie rack (Accented by the lovely "Nuns Having Fun" Calendar)
Fireplace (This is my favorite feature of the west wall. It inspires a cottage like coziness)
Laundry Collection
Wardrobe/Closet ($50 at IKEA. Sweet right?!)
Paintball Stuff Storage
(Not Pictured: The loft)

Wall #2 The North Wall...
Plastic storage bin
Bookshelf (My favorite feature of the north wall. A library in the making.)
Bed side table
Most fluffiest of beds of all time
Back right surround sound speaker

Wall 3 The East Wall...
Mostly the most fluffy bed
Smaller bookshelf with the boring stuff
But also...Window (host to my stain glass lamp and scentsy pot. Don't mind the chords.)
Decorative shelf (Featuring:African mask and fertility dolls, The Living Christ, an original Kelly   Donovan painting, The Family, A Proclamation to the World, cool glass bottles, front left surround sound speaker.)

 Wall #4 The South Wall...(The least attractive and least loved wall)
The beloved 42' inch T.V.
Entertainment center
Basket of things that should really be put away
Mini-window with the A/C unit
Also, The front right surround sound speaker

And that is our grand tour!

Yay for tight spaces.

It makes the love grow right?

And as a parting gift...
My favorite special feature EVER

The skylight
Goob threw a snowball through it 3 years ago.
He hurried and fixed it exactly as you see it before the parentals got home.
They didn't find out for two years.
Never leaked a drop.


Brooke said...

So where is the commode? Do you have a fridge/stove?

Happy Love growing!

Michelle and Jason said...

I love that my picture is the only thing on your board next to the door. I feel uber special! MISS YOU!

K.J.D.L said...

Its probably as bad as you guessed...we have to go in to the house at 2:30 in the morning when the need calls upon us.