21 November 2008

Hmm....a blog? Yes a blog.

So. I recently found out something rather alarming. I am out of touch. With what you ask? Why! With the world of course! I am so out of touch with happenings that I have not yet acquired a blog. Well...I have now, but I hadn't...but now I have...
I have been told this is a fact that should put me to shame. Consider my wrists slapped and my tongue peppered. I am now repenting. My hope is that I'll post something once a weekish. As of now these posts will be primarily for myself, since no one else I know knows about it yet....We'll change that with time. Now I'm rambling. Blast. So I hope this blog can be of some interest to someone...Hannah, that means you since you put me up to this madness.... TTFN!


Hannah said...

I will definitely read your blog, if you read mine. I've already done linkage to yours on mine!

Ross Nelson said...

oh karlie :) this make me so happy! :))