22 November 2008

Frozen Orange Juice

You know how everyone has some really weird thing that they do? ( don't try to convince yourself that you don't have one. I know you either do a ritual dance in your underwear right before you go to bed every night, or make "come hither" faces at yourself as a rule every time you look in a mirror). Well among other things that I won't divulge here, one of my weird habits, is to eat frozen orange juice. I buy those gallons of "real orange juice", the really cheap ones, then I pour a glass, stick it in the freezer for approximately 3 hours, and then I delight in its taste and texture as I spoon it into my mouth. I don't know why, but for some reason it's texture is amazing to me. Some people might claim that texture has nothing to do with enjoyment of food, but that is FALSE. Of the many things I inherited from my father, one of them is a complete intolerance for inappropriate textures attached to what I put in my mouth. I also attribute my good health so far this fall to the high amounts of Vitamin C I have taken in through this frozen goodness. Another amazing thing about it is it's ability to make me feel like I am getting a treat/dessert, when in all reality I'm not. It feels like a treat because #1 It is frozen when you eat it, and pretty much only treats do that, and #2 is simple. Like I said before, it is simply delightful.
So, if any of you would like to somehow get the satisfaction of a delicious treat, without actually eating one, try the wonderful world of frozen orange juice!

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Ross Nelson said...

I remember how sad you were when mo spilled that out of the freezer... :)