03 June 2014


I disappeared for a while because well, stuff has been happening.

Stuff like long morning walks, trips to the park, picnics, reading piles and piles of books.

The kind of stuff that stitches my life together in a very happy even if predictable way.

My fetus has grown, and is making a nice appearance. I seem to have borrowed more maternity clothes than I realized last time around because I am rotating the same six things through my wardrobe, aaaaand some of those aren't going to last when I get gihungous.

I am making a mid-week and mid-year resolution to take more pictures. I've really halted my record keeping in general, and this includes my picture taking. There are a couple of grandmothers living in the west who could file some serious complaints about this.

M is ta-ha-ha-halking like a crazy little man. I can't keep track of where or how quickly he picks up his words. His three syllable words are dee bayst. Bumblebee has been my standing favorite for a little while.

Isn't life the greatest?


Elk Horn Specialties said...

It is with you guys in our lives!!!!

Kayla said...

man alive! i love that little smile.