06 January 2014

As we go galavanting

I don't think I have ever made an actual list of goals at the turn of the year.

I want to be accountable. I want to be reminded. I want to accomplish the crap out of some stuff, so

10 things I most hope to accomplish in 2014:

1. Learn at least one new moderately difficult piano piece. Fingers remember thy practice!

2. Make more fresh veggies. Twice a week would be WAY more than currently.

3. Sing somewhere other than in my shower, or over my dirty dishes. In front of some people.

4. Go into New York for a day trip by myself at least once (we will be living close for a few months. I should tell you guys about this soon).

5. Try macaroons

6. Eliminate fat talk from my conversation, and my thoughts...no matter how thin my mother gets.

7. Love my husband better.

8. Read a new book every month. I shall post a list soon.

9. Keep to a budget, which includes ONLY buying things at the grocery store that are on the LIST.

10. Have more creative play for M, otherwise, I shall never remember to teach him his colors or his body parts.


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Whitney Wright said...

Mr. Potato head or making a snowman is great for body parts! singing head, shoulders, knees, and toes, pretending to go to the doctor,the book "From head to toe" by Eric Carle is really cute. You can even get on youtube and he reads the book to you and shows all of the pictures.
Colors... shaving cream with food coloring, racing cars but he has to choose which color, and lots of other fun ideas that you can come up with cause you are the cutest mom ever!!!