18 November 2013

How I am like a river fish

I have been labeled as a 'hipster' several times over the last month or two. It must be the thick rimmed glasses, and total disregard for how colors and patterns were meant to be put together.  And, I definitely have hips. If I like something, I wear it. The label doesn't offend me at all, but I don't drink coffee, so that is an automatic out. 

My brother and I had an interesting conversation after someone asked me if I considered myself to be hipster. This question always confuses me. I usually find myself making a confused face and saying, "I don't think so...?" We talked about what being a hipster actually means. We came to the conclusion that being hipster basically means liking things because no one else does. Hipsters are trying to be the salmon of our society, swimming against the current of all of the social facets you can imagine: music, food, politics, books, movies, fashion, education,aaaaaaand the list could be endless. An important word here is trying. All of a sudden hipsters became popular, and now swim in multitudes, pretty much creating a counter current, but I digress....

My Salmony tendencies:

 I love discovering music before it goes mainstream. Then, if they do get widely discovered and wonderful songs get overhashed on the raido, I go through a period of mourning. I feel like a lot of artists loose their center when they go mainstream.

I have been getting seriously upset about the sudden immense popularity of my most beloved television series. I don't even want to tell you what it is because I can just see some of you rolling your eyes and thinking," Oh, just another person on THAT annoying bandwagon." But seriously. I loved the Doctor before this huge fan wave hit America. I have this completely unjustified sense of ownership for Doctor Who. So, I'll just wear my Dalek socks and pretend like its still 2008.

And that about ends it. Two. I have two hipster tendencies. Well, three if you count my fashion choices. 

So, hurrah to thick rims, slouchy hats, plaid, and all other patterned things.


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Ash said...

I HATE how popular Doctor Who is now! Every time I see someone new is watching it I want to point at them and scream, "I watched it first!!!" Originally I wanted to share it with everyone I love, but now I want to hide it and treasure it all by my lonesome. I'm also terrified that next year everyone is going to be naming their kid Rory, sigh.