20 September 2012

Five Steps to Bad Mothering

Your first step to bad mothering is to wait until your child is three months old, and looks super different from when he was born to have your first photo shoot.

Secondly you are afraid of taking photos of your child period because you worry people will look at them and say, its too bad that mom stinks at taking photos because that baby is as cute as a cuddly kitten.

Third, you eat chocolate sometimes even though it makes him throw up because he smiles while he throws up and you REALLY needed it.

Number four, you let your child remain in a onsie that has been saturated in more than two body fluids throughout the day.

Last, you blog while he is cooing and smiling and just begging for your attention two feet away from you.


The Carters said...

Oh my goodness Karli these pictures are to die for!!!! Did you take them? If so, you have nothing to worry about my dear!

P.S. Your little guy is absolutely adorable!!!

lacy.lynn said...

gah. i want to die these are so cute. good procreating guys.

Michelle and Jason said...

Old Man Mav. Love it!

Lindsey said...

He is too, too cute! Mia was just telling me the other day how delightful he was when they watched him during Kayla's temple day.

And, I love Lacy Lynn's comment.

That's all :)

Marie said...

Aaawww these photos are too cute!!