18 August 2010

Everything Smells....no really, it does.

Have you ever noticed that your cousins family has their own smell? And that cousin smells different from the other cousin on the same side, but also different from the cousin on the other side. Grandparents have their own smell too.

Schools have a learning smell.

Stores have a new smell.

My church has that old churchy smell, like the gym floor has been varnished over and over and over and over.

I always wondered what my families smell was when I was growing up, but of course it is my own smell, so I couldn't ever smell it. It drove me nuts. So I stuck my nose deep into one of the clean sheets that had been sitting in the sheet cubby for a while now, and after consulting with a cousin, decided that must be my families smell. Not too bad.

Fall has a crispy smell.

Spring smells wet.

I have never smelled winter because every time I try, it just freezes my snot up into my brain. I stopped trying that one after a while.

The beginning of my marriage smells like varnished wood.

Cows smell like home.

Mosquito spray smells like relief.

A swimming pool smells like hot.

Reason for this post.....big news.....
Kimee says Ches and I already have our smell! She says it is good :) I don't think our sheets have been in the closet long enough for me to know what it is yet...

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JennyJenJen said...

Just stumbled across your blog.. and love it!