11 February 2010

Availability is a beast

My co-worker Lacy (who is pictured below. I labeled the picture for reader/viewer convenience. I was not pictured in the picture) and I were talking today about the woe of being hungry while you are on campus. This situation is woeful in our estimation for two reasons. (One reason being much more substantial than the other)

Reason #1: I didn't have enough forsight to pack a lunch....even though I was abominably hungry at this exact same time yesterday and had no food then either. The only option we have to amend the lack of food is to purchase something from one of the outrageously overpriced food markets in the Taggart Student Center (They charge $2.50 for a slice of bread with a tomato on it! Bollucks!). Often our most hungry hour is within an hour of when we will be returning to our humble college student abodes. We shall wait to raid our cupboards.
Reason #2: Upon the thought of these, our very own cupboards of storage that we have, we realize that there is nothing to eat. We are hungry at school, we are hungry walking home from school, we are hungry while we stare at the corner of the cheese packet that came from our last box of mac-n-cheese that we made yesterday and carelessly tore and threw back in the cupboard instead of the garbage. Sigh. We. Are. Endlessly. Hungered. Woe is us.


lacy.lynn said...

i should maybe be creeped out. but i'm weirdly...flattered?

Brooke said...

Gonna be honest food was/is always the one thing I am willing to spend money on. . . I love cooking and eating too much :)